Bride Satin
Bride Sateen is the perfect choice for a flawless look!
100% sateen Bride Sateen Collection weighs 125 gr/m2. Bride Sateen tablecloths can be designed in all measures as well as oval, square and rectangular forms in accordance with the table shape. Serviceable chair covers that match the tablecloths are also an important part of Bride Sateen Collection. Bride Sateen Collection can be designed in accordance with customer requirements and expectations. It is also very serviceable and convenient. The unstainable Bride Sateen Collection is the perfect choice for events with long durations. Wash-resistance and easy iron features are also good reference points for prolonged use. As the visual enricher of classy and chic gatherings, Bride Sateen is very popular due to its applicability to different models and spectacular stitching qualities.