The finishing touch for the most elegant events, Flamingo Collection...
Produced with 100% polyester fabric, Flamingo Collection is designed as Poly Jersey. Flamingo Collection is the most popular choice for chic gatherings, special organizations and elegant events. Its loose cut adds aesthetics. Flamingo Collection does not wear out for years thanks to its polyester content. The fire-resistant collection can also be knitted with embroidery and branding.
Sapphire and Carnelian models in bar tablecloth; Standard model in birebank tablecloth; Box, Accordion and Plisse models in skirts; Lapis, Galena, Opal and Jade models in chair covers are available. The most appropriate choice for your business in terms of price, expectations and requirements can be made easily within the extensive product range. Embroidery, branding and all over print features can be applied to Flamingo Collection on demand. Designable and available in all colors and sizes, the collection takes its place on the top choices list.