The choice beyond expectations, Ocean Collection...
Knitted with 100% polyester fabric, Ocean Collection goes beyond meeting expectations. Its special build allows immediate use without extra preparations, as it comes out of package. Ocean Collection offers much more than just textile to businesses with its non-wrinkle texture. Auxiliary products and the small accessories added to the collection help accelerate the party organizations and meeting preparations. Ocean Collection is an integral part of meetings with long durations given its fire-resistant and waterproof properties as well as high visual appeal.
Sapphire and Carnelian models in bar tablecloth; Lapis, Opal, Jade and Galena models in chair covers; Standard model in birabank tablecloth; Box, Accordion and Plisse models in skirts are available. Ocean Collection can be offered with embroidery, branding and all over printing. Finding the right solution for all types of organizations among the extensive product range of the collection is as easy as winking.