Choose TISSUM for flawless welcoming...

As the first contacted staff, doormen provide first impression of the hotel for guests. This initial contact is very valuable both for the guest and the hotel and it needs to be visually and aesthetically supported. Attire counts as much as stance and manners. TISSUM doormen uniforms, designed with a rich variety of fabric and knitting choices, are ultimately chic, comfortable and serviceable. They reflect the corporate identities of hotels perfectly with their colors and styles.

Fabric and weaving properties of doormen staff uniforms.
• New Mega Gabardin, %65 polyester ve %35 viscose, 250 gr/m2
• Süper Lüx Fresko, %65 polyester ve %35 viscose, 200 gr/m2
• Vigüre Serj, %65 polyester ve %35 viscose, 260 gr/m2
• Mix Gabardin, %75 polyester ve %25 viscose, 175 gr/m2
• Fresko, %65 polyester ve %35 viscose, 190-200 gr/m2
• V.Serj, %65 polyester ve %35 viskcose, 230-240 gr/m2