Soft, light and practical, Spa Collection is the right choice for pleasurable moments! Spa Collection is essential for large-scale hotels with its light textured and easy to use items. Spa Collection is produced with 380-gram weight cotton and micro-fiber mix fabric. This build provides a more refreshing and pleasant texture. Customizations can be added in accordance with quality of service and hotel requirements. Spa Collection is a collection specialized on hard-wearing products that can be knitted in requested shapes and measurements. Spa Collection, consisting of robe, loincloth and slipper items, can be produced in all sizes and measurements hence appealing to hotels of all scales. Robes made of both pique and terrycloth are also offered in color. Loincloths that are primarily preferred in Spas have quick-dry properties thanks to their weaving. Flexible and serviceable loincloths are essential items in Spa Collection along with robes and towels. High quality slippers especially designed with water-resistant features are a small but important part of Spa Collection.