Face Towels
Chateau Collection Towels are for hotels that seek luxury and class... <br> <br> Woven with 20/2 double layer ring thread, Chateau Collection Towels are super-thin and visually stunning. Their impeccable color attained by a special dying technology makes them the predominant choice of hotel chains. Chateau Collection Towels, available with jacquard and branding, stand out among rival products with their distinctive qualities. Available with 650-gram or 700-gram weight as requested, Chateau Towel group items have impressive texture. Chateau Collection products are also preferred for their hard-wearing build and they can be produced in all requested measurements.<br> <br> Chateau Collection products, consisting of bathroom towel, hand towel and face towel items, can be prepared in all requested measurements. Chateau Collection is offered to chain hotels and large-scale facilities with fast delivery option. Chateau Collection towels, ideal for all kinds of hotels with their thin and light texture as well as high quality is the number one choice for luxury seekers.